How is Sherrill Milnes involved with VOICExperience?

Sherrill Milnes is co-founder, with his wife Maria Zouves, of the VOICExperience Foundation, one of the Sherrill Milnes VOICE Programs. After decades of excellence on the stage with the greatest operatic artists of his time, Milnes’ mission is to perpetuate that excellence at all levels, passing on his knowledge and the traditions great singing. The philosophies of the Golden Age of Opera vibrate throughout his VOICE programs, artistic team, artists and staff.

How did the VOICE programs begin?

The VOICE programs began as a master class series at Walt Disney World in 2000, with Sherrill Milnes, Tony Randall, Martina Arroyo and Richard Tucker Music Foundation President Barry Tucker all sharing their knowledge of the art form. VOICExperience evolved from that into a summer training intensive. Now through the founding of the Savannah VOICE Festival in 2013, the programs have also expanded the professional performance opportunities for our singers.

Do you take all age groups into your VOICE programs?

We take everyone serious about making a career in the arts. From Camp VOICE for teens to those who want to participate in our professional events, singers are welcome at any time to come into a program best suited to their needs.

What opportunities do you have for professional artists?

The Savannah VOICE Festival produces operas involving professional artists not only during our August festival but also throughout the year in collaboration with numerous partners. We also produce recitals and other special events during the year where we hire professional singers.

Are scholarships available?

Partial and full scholarships are available based on need and merit. Special relationships between organizations, private patrons and the artists are carefully and responsibly created to allow for our audience’s connections to the growth and development of that artist.

Are the VOICE programs only for singers?

The VOICE programs not only serve singers, but also emerging directors, pianists, conductors, and future arts administrators. We provide continuing education to the voice educator through our auditing program. Internships and work study allow those who surround the singer to benefit from the training and performance process.

What communities do you serve?

We specifically serve communities in Florida, Georgia, the New York Metropolitan area, and – through the Opera Idol Competition – the Chicago area as well.

Are your sessions open to the public?

Yes, our masterclasses and special sessions are open to the public, and special auditing opportunities are available on a daily basis. We also produce multiple public performances throughout the year under the umbrella of the Sherrill Milnes VOICE Programs.