Alumna Interview – Beyond the Stage

Oct 23, 2017

Sarah Fall, Arts Administrator

What was your first experience with opera?

My first experience with Opera was in the fourth grade when my mother took me to see Madame Butterfly. I didn’t work with opera production until this past summer when I was a scheduler for the Magic Flute and the Marriage of Figaro in Prague. My Opera education continued until this summer when I stage managed the Marriage of Figaro at the Savannah Voice Festival.

Who or what inspired you to start a career in the arts?

I started working in arts administration in college where I began as an usher at the Norton Center for the Arts in Danville, KY. Over my college years I was promoted to house manager at this theatre. After I graduated I wanted to pursue other opportunities within arts administration. This is how I found the Savannah Voice Festival.

How does participating in a summer program differ from your school education? Are there any resources/contacts you’ve had access to BECAUSE of a summer program?

The Festival experience differs from year round positions in many ways. While participating in festivals I ended up learning about many more sides of production than I thought I would. A summer program like the Savannah Voice Festival creates a high energy and fast paced environment that cannot be recreated in school. Experience has been essential for furthering my career as an arts administrator.

What was your biggest takeaway from VOICExperience?

My biggest take away from VOICExperience was the connections I made with the staff. There are so many opportunities provided by VOICExperience to grow and learn as a young person in arts administration. I feel better prepared for however my career continues in the arts.

What was your favorite memory from the Beyond the Stage program?

My favorite part of the Beyond the Stage program was being able to work closely with both the artists and other Beyond the Stage students. These connections with other passionate people continues to strengthen my love of the performing arts. Additionally, having other Beyond the Stage students gave me a community to learn from and support me with their positive energy.

Why should artists participate in summer programs like VOICExperience?

The Festival experience is unlike any other administration experience. Each day is full new energy, life, and a little chaos. Learning to work in this environment makes students interested in administration capable of working under stress.

What are you working on right now? Any programs or performances coming up?

I am now working with VOICExperience and the Savannah Voice Festival in Tampa, FL. After this I plan on continuing my career in arts administration in Lexington, KY.